Sunday, March 11, 2007

Tulum Ruins and onto Isla Mujeres

Been a busy few days. The weather in Tulum was a little bit rainy so a few of us went off to visit some ruins at Coba.

We got rained on there as well.

However, we did get to see a fine example of a ballcourt and this one still had the stone rings that serve as the goal.

And of course we got to climb another temple!

Since Tulum was a little bit damp I've now come up the coast stopping off at Playa Del Carmen where we saw a very entertaining Mexican band.

And I'm now on an island off the coast called Isla Mujeres (Island of women).


Anonymous said...

Island of women? Will you ever leave? Will we ever see you again? Ha.

Amy Y.

Chris said...

It is fun here... Spent the past two days on the beach. The name of the island is quite apt.

Will be leaving on thursday though as my travelling companions are all heading off on their seperate ways and I need to get moving.