Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Photos from the past few days


So, we took a boat from Orange walk. Quite an exciting ride twisting through the bends of the river.

With the occasional stops for crocodiles!

and the odd Jesus lizard.

The ruins were pretty typical Mayan structures

With some pretty impressive carvings:

And the obligatory temple to climb. This one was actually quite steep!

But had some fantastic views from the top.

Then it was back to Orange Walk spend the night there and then catch the bus over to mexico and then overnight it to San Cristobal which is a very nice town, but quite high up in the mountains so a bit chilly.

Spent a day in the area round San Cristobal visiting a local Mayan town, and the zoo:

Today was another bus ride to Palenque. Quite spectacular. It´s a shame I slept through this on the way to San Cristobal.

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