Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Complete change of plan. A bunch of us decided to head to Celestun to get some seafood and visit the pink flamingos.

Quite a late start to the day, we caught the 10am bus and arrived in Celeston in time to meet up for lunch with the advance party who had gone the previous day.

This was possibly the best seafood I have had all trip!

After lunch we jumped in a boat to have a look at the flamingos that live in the lagoon. The lonely planet tells us that this time of year there are thousands of them. Apparently they have the season completely the wrong way round so at the moment there are only a few hundred of them - still pretty impressive!

Sadly my camera cannot really do justice to it as I've only got a digital zoom. But I think I got some fairly nice pictures.

After the flamigos we went through some mangrove tunnels and eventually ended up at a swimming hole. Here we met a few locals who were kind enough to feed us crab ceviche and various drinks.

Came back from the trip and celebrated french Chris's birthday on the beach with a beer and cake!

Then we wathced the sun go down before heading back to Merida for some well deserved rest.

Today we're off to Chichin Itza. It's equinox today/tomorrow so there should be quite a few people there.


Anonymous said...

Sooo jealous and sad to see I missed Uxmal. Definitely regreting not staying a few extra days - the day after I got back to NYC, it rained and the day after that it snowed. I'm sure I got what I deserved ;) Drop me a line when you stop by NYC!

Amy R. (blanquita peruana)

Chris said...

My God. Snow! I´ve only got shorts and t-shirts...