Saturday, March 03, 2007

Adios Belize, Hola Mexico!

Crossed the border this morning from Orange Walk and I´m now in Chetemal. My guide book doesn´t seem to have much detail on Mexico - this place is summarised in a couple of paragraphs that say "most people change bus here". I think I need to get a new guide book for my Mexico adventures.

Anyway, I´m now killing time until my overnight 14 hour bus journey to San Cristobal. I´ve been through the museum of Mayan culture, which is actually pretty good and there is a zoo somewhere. Only another 5 or so hours to go...

Yesterday I took a trip to Lamani from Orange Walk, best bit of the trip was the boat journey, we saw several crocodiles, some jesus lizards, bats and lots of birds. Probably the most wildlife I´ve seen so far in my trip. We also got to speed down the river at a slightly stupid speed - which was fun. Oh, there were some ruins at the end of the ride, pretty standard pyramid type things.

Will post some photos tomorrow if I survive the bus journey.

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Anonymous said...

I've been there too!!!! Lamanai, the mosquitos place! And, uhaoo, the ride on the river was fantastic!!!!
Pictures, pictures!!!!!