Friday, March 16, 2007


It´s damned hot here!

Went on a quick tour of the town this morning starting off at the main plaza with a nice view of the Cathedral. Apparently this is the first cathedral in all of Mexico (though not the first to be built, only the first to recieve official recognition=.

Stopped off in a very nice building that is now owned by a bank. Sadly much of the building is closed off, but you can get into the garden. The building was build using stones from the Mayan town that Merida was built on and you can see some of them in the arches still.

Last stop was the main municipal palace which has a number of murials.

This one symbolises the struggle in Mexican life between good (represented by the eagle) and evil (represented by the snake). This image is also on the back of the 10 peso piece and also on the Mexican flag.

Tomorrow I´m going to visit... some more ruins! But this time I´m going for a sound and light show. I´m hoping for some serious cheesiness.

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