Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Palenque Ruins

I almost didn´t bother stopping here (been feeling a bit ruined out and there are still lots to see), but I´m glad I did. Very impressive and a great jungle setting.

At the entrance to the ruins is the Templo De Las Incriptiones group of buildings. First off is the Templo de La Calavera, named after the sculture of a rabbit or deer skull.

Also in this complex is the Templo de las Inscripciones, you need to get permission to go inside this temple, but that involved going to the museum first which is on the other side of the ruins.

Opposite the Temple is El Palacio with a large observation tower.

Rund the corner down a jungle path is the Templo Del Rollo Relieve. I got to the ruins quite early so there weren´t many people around and this temple is definitely out of the way. Quite spooky going down dark stairways into chambers underground. Not good for the nervous system!

Following the main path we come to the Grupo De La Cruz. This consists of Templo del Sol. Which is stupidly steep.

And Tempo De La Cruz which gives the group it´s name.

Down a small path is copy of a carved panel showing a captive kneeling before one of the rulers.

To the north of this area is the ball court.

And just to the west is a temple that has yet to be escavated:

Heading on we come to Grupo Norte which has some interesting history.

Also we seem to have some kind of Mayan picnic area:

Heading east we come to Grupo C.

Back on the main path we come to Baño de la Reina

which is traversed by a suspension bridge

and followed by another set of waterfalls. You used to be able to swim around here, but not anymore.

Past this are some more buildings including groups I and II which are mainly residential:

And that concludes Palanque. A quick stop at the cafe for a beer and a look round the museum and then back into town.

I now need to kill a few hours until 9pm when the bus for Tulum leaves. Tomorrow I´ll be back on the beach!

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Palenque, another dream!!
Fantastic place!!!!
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