Saturday, November 25, 2006


I've finally tracked down the elusive supermarket. People have been to it, but only when they've been lost completely lost. Found someone this morning who actually knew where it was, but they could only find it by starting from their hostel and counting blocks turning left and right.

Thankfully it turns out that it just round the corner from where I am staying. It's an Aladin's cave crossed with the tardis. So many things piled so high. Marvelous!

Second class of Spanish this morning. Atually managed a short onversation with the cleaning lady this afternoon. Maybe this Spanish stuff is not so hard after all...

Tomorrow I'm going on a walk up an ative volcano! Hopefully get some pictures of some lava and not get cooked alive.

Sorry about the spelling on this entry. The website is stuck in espanol and there's not spell checker.

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tonydoyle said...

following you progress, met your mum and dad om qe2. great blogg