Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Good God, it's a bit early in the morning!

Completely shattered. The past few days have been a little bit hectic.

Packed everything up in the flat and moved it all to my parents loft (not fun). Moved the last bits and pieces out yesterday.

Left the flat in a bit of a mess, but the management agency is going to get some cleaners in to today the place up - hopefully they'll also get some tenants in!

Packed the backpack last night, think I'll lose some stuff when I get there, it's far too heavy.

Up this morning at 4:45am. Nice cup of coffee from mother, quick shower and a shave then jumped in a taxi to the airport. Spent the last hour surrounded by lots of people wearing suits talking about the important meetings they are attending today. Thank goodness I'm done with all that nonsense.

Next stop is Madrid for an hour or so, then the long haul flight over the Guatemala City. From there I'm heading straight to Antigua. I've emailed a hostel there, no reply yet, who knows if I've got any accommodation booked. I guess this is all part of the adventure...

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