Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Exploring Antigua

So, how many times can you get lost in a town that is only a couple of square miles in size?

Turns out that in the space of a couple of hours you can get lost quite a few times. It doesn't help that there are no street signs anywhere.

Luckily this is easily solved by finding a local and saying "donde estamos?" - I'm hoping this means "where are we?". But in all honesty it could mean anything...

Despite this I managed to find myself a nice breakfast, checked out several language schools and have signed up for some lessons tomorrow with a view to signing up for 4 weeks staying with a local family. The lady who signed me up seemed to be very proud of the fact that lessons start at 8am - seemed to think that this was some kind of good thing. What a weirdo.

Now it's time to find some lunch and maybe a bookshop. This afternoon looks like it could be spent chilling out in the garden. Tonight I must find a beer.

Weather is great, though it does get very cold at night. I'm glad I've got my coat from London. It's very hot today though and nice and sunny.

I have to start slowing down a bit as well I'm suffering from a similar problem to Mark, have not yet got my holiday pace, still stuck on London rushing around.

Will get some photos up soon. Just need to find where I packed my camera, it's cable, the charger etc...

This morning's top tip:

  • "una via" is not the name of the street. The locals will laugh at you if you think it is.


Rupert said...


Duncan told us about your blog. Everyone at Keima is now watching with envy. More pictures please.

Good luck with the language lessons - after C++ surely Spanish is a doddle ;-)

Chris said...

Still looking for the camera cable - will make a special effort tomorrow for the volcano pictures.