Saturday, November 25, 2006

First hangover of the trip.

Oops. Friday night beers turned into a bit of a session. Went to Riley's bar with one of the girls in the hostel for a couple of beers and ended up staying there all night knocking back gin and tonics.

Got talking with the owner of the bar, a Welsh guy who has married a Guatemalan and moved here. Says the only thing he misses about Wales is the rugby, but they are getting satellite TV soon anyway so it doesn't matter.

Went to an afterparty when the bar closed and stayed up until 4am chatting with some people from Guatemala city. Crazy fellows.

This afternoon we're walking up an active volcano. Think I had better get some rest.

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Anonymous said...

hi chris its rosie

just checking in on you.. hangovers and moutain climbing huh? sounds like a good trip to me