Thursday, September 27, 2007

I've been robbed!

I now truly feel like I've had the full on South American experience, after 11 months on the road, I've finally had some stuff stolen.

On the bus down from Puerto Madryn someone went through the luggage compartment and took anything that looked valuable from our bags, so I'm now minus a mobile phone (though apparently I'm due an upgrade anyway so will get a free new one when I get home), an old broken camera, my pen knife, and for some strange reason, my wash kit - I ask you, who steals a toothbrush??

So anyway, I'm now in Puerto Natales in Chile, quite far down south in Tierra Del Fuego! It's cold, very windy and in the next few days we will be going for a 3 day walk. Time to break out the thermals. After this I'll be heading further down south to Ushaia in Argentina, the worlds southernmost city - from there it is possible to catch boast to the Antartic, but it's a bit early in the year for that so I'll be heading up north to find some nice beaches in Brazil!

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Anonymous said...

I bet it was because you were dressed as a nun...

Congratulation :)