Monday, September 24, 2007

Whale watching in Peurto Madry

Went on a tour to a place called Peninsula Valdes which is an hour or so drive from where we currently are in Puerto Madryn.


First stop was to visit some elephant seals. It's currently mating season, so there are a few bulls on the beach with their harems

and a few pups.

But the highpoint of the day was going out on a boat to do some whale watching.

You can find some more photos here.


Anonymous said...

wow all looking very cool

- even the clubbed dead seal pics ;P


Anonymous said...

Hey mate, that is fantastic. From ski runs in the Andes to whales in the ocean! That is an experience you will remember!
The seals were only sleeping, right?

Anonymous said...

BTW: the anonymous comment was by me :)


Anonymous said...

continue to make pictures!!!!!!!
Weren't you scared to be too close to those seals?
Take care,


Chris said...

They are sleeping, honest, though I do have a lovely pair of new gloves and a fur hat...