Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Trekking in Torres Del Paine

We went on a three day trek of the "W" circuit of Torres Del Paine national park.

Started off the morning of the first day a bit earlier than we should have as my alarm clock was still set of Argentinian time which is an hour ahead of Chile... Luckily the hostel owners found it quite amusing and didn't mind too much making us breakfast extra early. There then followed a 3 hour bus ride and then a minibus to our refugio at the start of the trek. Around 11 we set off walking towards the Torres.

It was a tough walk up there with maybe an hour of scrambling up some moraine, but the view was definitely worth it.

It was then a long walk back in the crazy wind to the refugio for a well deserved night's rest to get ready for the next day of walking.

This next day took us past a beautiful lake with a most amazing aquamarine colour.

We stopped at refugio Los Cuernos and sheltered from the wind for the night. After a slightly worrying start the day cleared up nicely and we walked up the center of the W to take a peek at glacier frances.

Quite a few avalanches on the way made this walk quite exciting...

And there was a great view back to the lake.

We then walked onto the next refugio, Pehoe. We got here just in time before the weather closed in and it started to rain.

Fortunately the next day came and the weather held for us so we got to walk for an hour or so up to a mirador to see Glacier Grey.

You can see a few icebergs on the way:

And then you get a pretty good view of the actual glacier:

After a few photos and some chocolate biscuits it was time to head back to the refugio and catch a boat out of the park and a bus back home.

Just in time too, the weather really closed in and it was nice to get back to a nice warm hostel and some decent food...

More photos here.

Tomorrow I'll be catching a bus to Ushuaia, the world's most southernmost city.

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