Sunday, September 23, 2007


Left Bariloche to go to Angostina a nice village down the road that has some good trekking.

The first day was pretty easy, we took a walk down to the port to take some photos of the lake which is absolutely stunning.

Woulnd't mind having a boat here.

The next day we set off for what was billed as a short walk up to a mirador and a some waterfalls. Turned out to be a bit of a mammoth trek up snow covered paths.

The paths were actually quite hard to follow, but fortunately a couple of dogs that had followed us from town seemed to know where they were going so we followed them. Eventually we reached the mirador, it was a bit misty so the view was hard to capture on the camera.

Fortunately there was somewhere to sit down and have a bit of a break.

Next stop were the waterfalls, here the path seemed to disappear completely and we were completely in the hands of our guide dogs.

The following day we jumped on a bus to Peurto Madryn, tomorrow we're off to see some whales and other bits of wildlife, I've already seen one whale out of the cafe's window. Should be a good day.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!

Was watching the Travel Channel and the show's host was in Cusco. I saw the hotel/church you stayed in and what looked like your exact room. Also mentioned the local delicacy is guinea pig. The show's host really, really did not like it. Ew. My sister had guinea pigs as pets growing up!

Amy Y.

Chris said...

Yep, they put a stick up the guinea pigs bum and bbq the poor bugger.

Deep fried they are nice though...