Monday, February 19, 2007

Tikal Revisitied - This time with Sunshine!

So we got some sunshine! Walking through the ruins you get a real feel for how old the place is. Trees have grown up through the ruins cracking alters and tipping over structures.

Lots of wildlife as well, I really need to get a cemera with an optical zoom for these pictures.

Once again we climbed the tallest temple in the complex, and here is the view from the top:

Also this time we were able to climb a few of the other temples and get some good pictures

The steps are damn steep!

But defnitely worth the climb.

Lots of oportunities for good photos - if only there was a good photographer around...

And more temples to climb!

More good views:

And onto the main plaza


Anonymous said...

How many steps was the tallest ruin you climbed? Did you need to take a break or is it all old hat by now? You are really seeing some beautiful sights. Jealous!

Amy Y.

Anonymous said...

great picture Chris :)


Anonymous said...

I told u that it is amazing!!!!!
Stunning views!!!
Take care,