Saturday, February 10, 2007

Moskitia - Day 2 Yamari Savannah, Crocodile Tour

Day 2 started nice and gently with a walk around the local community looking at a few of plants and stopping off for some fresh coconuts.

Quite a few things to see round here, mostly rural life going on and a few interesting plants, insects and local Mosquitia going about there business.

They also have some rather nice beaches to enjoy.

After a quick rest it was time to jump into another boat to head to our next lodgings.

This involved heading through some mangrove swamps and then over Brus Lagoona.

This can be quite a rough crossing as the wind can pick up and creat quite big waves. Luckily our boat driver had a tarp that we could hide under.

Once over the Lagoon we drove through some fairly narrow rivers on the lookout for crocodiles and other critters. We were now in savanna country and there's actually quite a lot of smallholdings here where cattle are grazed. We passed through a few areas where the dead grass was being burnt off to promote new growth for the cattle which made quite an interesting trip.

We reached our lodgings, had some lunch and spent the afternoon chilling out, swimming and kayaking on the nearby river. The water is crystal clear and you can see the bottom almost everywhere apart from places that are very deep.

In the evening we went out looking for crocodiles. Unfortunately I left my camera back in the room so no photos, but we saw quite a few of the little beasties. Our kind was kind enough to fish one of the smaller ones out for us. They feel just like a handbag...

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