Saturday, February 10, 2007

Moskitia - Day 7 Back to La Ceiba

Early start this morning. Up at 2:30am to jump on a boat back to Batalla and then onto the pick up truck for another 6 hour buttuck destroying ride along the beach and dirt roads.

It was beatifully clear and we had the stars and the moon for the boat ride. The pick up truck was its usual chaos with far too many people crammed on board, but eventually we all got comfortable. On the trip to come here I remember thinking that although the truck seemed to be tilting over quite far on the beach that it probably wasn't as bad as all that (it always feels like you are tipped over much further than you actually are). This time there was a truck following us so I got to see it from the outside. It is quite terrifying.

We got stuck in the sand a few times and had to tow someone out of an inlet that was a little bit too deep for them, but all in all, it was pretty uneventful = apart from the two kids sat next to me who through up almost constantly (poor things).

Interesting moment - a girl stopped the truck to sell an Iguana to the driver. 100 Limperas gets you a tasty iguana for dinner!

Back in La Ceiba and tomorrow is another early start to catch the bus to Copan.

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