Monday, December 04, 2006

Sunday 3rd Dec - Chichi and Back Home

Here´s me looking pretty cool at Chichicastenanga. Not a great deal to report on last time. But I now have a rather fetching bag for my school books. I have also received my first friendship bracelet of the trip! I´m expecting to collect a lot more along the way.

Coming back to Antigua on the bus we pulled over for a quick break as there was an EARTHQUAKE!!! That´s right folks. Whilst we were away Antigua was hit by a 5.4 earthquake.

No damage done and the locals all refuse to call it an earthquake, preferring to say that it was a tremor....

Back home in the central plaza, the Christmas lights are all switched on and despite the fact that we are probably all doomed to be cooked by lava or shaken to bits everyone is having a jolly time.

Items gained in this quest:

  • +1 armband of friendship


rosie said...

hey chris
glad you are having a good time.
think of us poor people stuck back here in england.


Anonymous said...

Your big news - a new bracelet, and a new bag? Are you using this trip to explore another side of yourself, Chris?

D said...

cool bag, cool blog what a cool brother. I'm on my sick bed, so it was nice to have a chuckle