Monday, December 18, 2006

Into the big city!

On Sunday I took a trip into the big city to see some friends perform in a band. Rather than take the tourist shuttle bus I decided to venture into the unknown and jump on a chicken bus into town. The bus was pretty full when I got on and I spotted an empty seat and jumped on it without fully realising why people were avoiding it.

I ended up sat next to a rather rotund lady who took up most of the seat, but there was still plenty of room for me. At least there was until everyone else got on the bus and it was 3+ to a seat. Most unpleasant...

However, the trip was pretty uneventful, no robberies, no chickens escaping. Pretty dull all in all.

Once in the city I jumped in a cab and went to a place in the city called 4 grados norte (4 degrees north). Had a few coffees and met up with my friends. I had no idea they were quite so talented.

Coming home was quite an adventure. Foolishly I forgot to take any notice of where the bus dropped me and tried to rely on the map in the lonely planet book. After about an hour of driving round town trying to find the bus depot. We decided to give up on buses and I jumped in a cab home (thank goodness I'm not on a budget and can spend my way out of trouble).

Got back to Antigua and the locals were up to their usual crazy shenanigans. This seemed to be some procession involving Mary, Joseph and a Donkey.

As a special treat this morning at 5am we were treated to possibly the loudest fireworks I have ever heard. Every 5 minutes for an hour they would send one up above our house.

6am the mad monks who live in the church at the end of my road started off their usual bell ringing frenzy that goes on until 7am. It's no wonder I'm feeling a bit tired!

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scott said...

Are you a groupie now?