Monday, December 04, 2006

Saturday 2nd December

Small hangover this morning... Got up pretty early and scouted out some breakfast and spent some time watching the day to day life in Santiago Atilán.

After a bit of recuperation time we made tracks and jumped on a boat tour round a few of the local villages on the lake. First stop San Pedro La Laguna. The local kids do quite a hard sell here for the local attractions which include another Maximón shrine. Nowhere near as grand as the one we saw on Friday, but interesting nevertheless.

Apart from the local kids who spotted the weaker one of our group and managed to separate her from the herd the day was pretty relaxed. We returned to Panajachel for sunset and checked into the cheapest place we could find.
We all felt quite jealous of this little fellow. It´s been a long couple of days. Though of course, we´re on holiday, so it would be rude not to go out. Things got quite a bit lively. I hope it wasn´t really our behaviour that emptied the restaurant. Personally I think it was the dodgy band.
Into bed pretty early ready for our early start to visit Chicicastenanga (I know, again!).

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