Monday, December 04, 2006

Friday 1st December PM - Largo De Atitlán

Bit of an unexpected trip. Decided at the last minute to spend the weekend at Lake Atilan with a couple of friends from school.
5 minutes to run home, explain that I wouldn't be around for the weekend in espanol, pack a bag, and run back to catch the bus. Very exciting....
Above is a picture of the lake. It's big. And very pretty.

We decided not to stay in Panajachel ("Gringotenango" - Place of the Foreigners) and took a boat over to San Pedro. This is where an awful lot of travellers end up getting stuck. The number of times we spoke to people who had just come for a couple of days and ended up staying a couple of years was quite frightening.

On my next trip here I will make sure I have an onward ticket.
Here's our hotel. 5 dollars each per night!
With a hammock thrown in. This is me about to fall out of the hammock.
Gringo food. This place is still quite touristy.

It is however a very nice place. Here's us having dinner.

Leslie and Aaron were pretty wiped out after a long week of school, so it was left to myself and Jeremy to explore town. Almost immediately we bumped into someone I'd met on the bus a few days before so went with her and her incredibly stoned friend to the Buddha bar. There we were joined by a couple more girls and spent a pleasant couple of hours discussing meditation retreats in the Mexican jungles and how hard it was to get a shaman at full moon.

Couple of drinks later and it was time to catch the end of the film in another bar and down another couple of Cuba Libres. After the film we stopped off at the freedom bar to catch the fire dancers.

Very amusing. Especially the guy who had just started - he kept dropping his flaming balls and then running away like a girl.

By this point it was pretty much time to head home and catch some zzs. But fate intervened and we bumped into an ex project manager from Barclay bank who insisted that we came and visited his bar. A few more Cuba Libres and we finally made it home to sleep! What a day.

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