Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Up the coast of Chile and back into Peru

All photos here

The past few days has mostly been spent on buses heading up the coast of northern Chile and back into Peru again.

First stop in Chile was a seaside town called Iquique. Some slightly worrying signs all around town remind you that Chile is subject to regular earthquakes (we felt two slight tremors in Arica - quite unnerving).

Chile is a strange place. There seems to be very little space for anything. Iquique is sandwiched between the mountains and the coast.

All the photos of Iquique include a very nice beach. Didn´t find it... Saw it from the bus as we left town on the way to Arica. Nice sunsets on the way.

Arica´s beach was fairly easy to find:

My travel buddy for Bolivia and Chile knows a family here in Arica so we went to visit for a Sunday lunch barbecue. Huge amounts of food and drink and excellent company. If you´re ever in Arica ask around for "Gringo Philip" a thoroughly top bloke.

To get back into Peru from Arica you take a collective taxi to a place called Tacna which is just over the border.

And then catch the bus to wherever you want to go in Peru. In our case, Arequipa where we are planning to do a few days tour into a nearby canyon where you can see condors.

Arequipa is a nice town with usual plazas and colonial buildings. Very nice food as well. Excellent.

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