Friday, July 27, 2007

Mirraflores 250th Anniversary

Before leaving Lima for Colombia we got to watch the parade celebrating 250 years since the founding of Miraflores (a district of Lima).

Good fun. Especially the fireworks at the end.

The whole thing was sponsered by WONG supermarkets so the parade had a slightly oriental feel to it.

And a very strange military feel.

This guy is from a float that represented soldiers from cavemen all the way through to the soldier of the future:

The navy also put on a bit of show, they chose to play the song "In the navy..." weird.

We also got to see a few beauty queens.

There were also a bunch of topless dancers representing the peoples of the jungle, sadly no photos, we were all too shocked to do anything.

It was all pretty spectactular and went on for quite a while, once it got dark all the people and floats were lit up with lights. Here´s another sponser of the parade:

Some nice young ladies:

And a fish.

There wer huge crowds and we got a bit stuck in the hostel.

But luckily we were right next to the firework display so it was all good.

The following day we went down to mall built into the cliff face.

Nice place. We got to see the Transformers film. Fantastic!

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