Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Nasca Lines

So, as mentioned before, we escaped from Arequipa and caught the night bus to Nasca. Arriving at about 5am we were picked up by a tour guide at the bus station and taken to the airport for a flight over the Nasca lines.

First attempt at getting up over the lines was at about 7am.

Sadly it was far too misty and we came back into land after about 5 minutes.

There then followed an interminable wait as a bunch of people who had prebooked their flights or been unable to fly arrived.

Around 11 we finally got to go up.

The pilots really throw the planes around to give everyone a good look at the lines. Makes for quite an exciting stomach churning flight. The lines themselves are pretty hard to spot, and are actually quite small (from up in the air anyway). But I got a couple of good shots.

Nice views over the desert as well.

There´s a whole lot of photos here. If you spot anything in them let me know...

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Anonymous said...

Never mind...I looked up what they are. The one you have posted on your main blog page is called 'the headless bird'. Fascinating, to be sure!

Amy Y.