Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Huachachina - arrival and wine tour

After the Nasca lines flight we grabbed a quick bit to eat (stomach was definitely feeling a bit dodge after it) and jumped on a bus to Ica followed by a quick taxi ride to the oasis Huachachina.

First thing you notice in the taxi ride are the huge sanddunes.

First step of the afternoon was to get a hostel, sadly the recommended was fully booked, but we managed to find an equally nice one:

Haven´t been in the pool yet, but we´ve got plenty of time here. Huachachina is very nice place, about a kilometer out of town and based around an oasis in the desert.

First night in the hostal was a big bbq with all you can drink Pisco Sours. Weirdly we were surrounded by French speaking people again (for the past couple of months it seems that the only people I have been meeting have been from places that speak French).

The following morning (feeling slightly rougher than usual) we signed up for a wine and pico tour (gluttons for punishment I think). For some reason the first stop was at a chocolate shop...

Second stop was at a local vineyard/winery. Here are the vats that the wine is fermented in:

Here´s the pisco making distilling machines:

I´ve never seen so much drink in one place!

After a quick sampling of the produce we jumped back in the car (thankfully the hostal had provided a driver!) and went to another more rustic winery place where we got down to some serious sampling:

For some reason on the way back we decided to jump out of the car 10 minutes early and climb a sanddune back to the hostel. Very nice views of the desert.

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Anonymous said...

Chris, it all looks fantastic - condors, sand-dunes, chocolate and wine - i'm jealous! Shame youcan't send back a doggy bag, but all that trekking round canyons - you must be getting fit!
the sun is finally shining today - but probably not for long! you're not missing much in the way of weather here- most definately a british summer love d & Neil & girls