Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Off to Utila

This was a crazy few days of travelling trying to reach Utila in time for new year´s eve. Jumped on a minibus from Antigua into the city at 7:30 and from there got what was supposed to be a nice comfortable bus to Rio Dulce. Turned out that it was actually only a minor step up from the chicken buses. Not very comfortable.

However, we eventually reached Rio Dulce and after a bit of wandering around found smoewhere to stay. Not much to say about the place, we were only there for one night. But here is a nice photo.

Next day, jumped straight on a launch to take us to a place called Livingstone. Quite a nice boat cruise along the river and lakes passing a few interesting sights including some hot springs and some nice lilies.

Livingstone was not all that of an interesting place. Not much of a beach and the nightlife was not great.

But we did get to see some local people doing some drumming and dancing.

Next day, it was goodbye livingston, hello to a day travelling on buses to reach Le Ceiba.

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