Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Adios Utila!

Finally made it off the island. Adios Utila!

I left an island that looked like it was about to disappear under a deluge of rain.

But the last weekend on the island was pretty good. We went off for a "Sunday Fun Day" at the dive shop which consisted of a couple of dives in the morning followed by copious quantities of beer and general partying.

Followed by large amounts of relaxing and chilling out:

Sitting around on the beach (being bitten by sandflies)...

And then back home for some well deserved sleep.

I'm now in La Ceiba, not sure if I'm going to stay here for that many days, it all depends on if I can get any trips arranged from here. If I can't then I'll be jumping on a bus to Copan to see the ruins there.

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