Monday, June 11, 2007

Back in Copa and on the way to La Paz

Back on the mainland we checked into a hostel and went out in search of food and drink with our new found friends - this included a 60 year old guy who had escaped from China during the cultural revolution by trekking for 3 days and then swimming to an island just off Hong Kong! The people you meet travelling...

As this is quite a touristic town we had no problem finding ourselves a nice italian place, and after a bottle of wine, a bar serving cocktails with live music.

Next morning with heads slightly hurting we got up to catch the bus to La Paz.

Half way through the journey we had to disembark and watch our bus (with all our luggage) float off over the lake.

Luckily there were boats to take us as well and we were quickly reunited with the bus and carried on the journey. Finally arrived in La Paz around lunch time and spent the rest of the time searching for banks and money changers.

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