Thursday, August 09, 2007

Tyrona National Park

Decided after the stresses and strains of the jungle trek to spend a couple of days relaxing on the beach in Tyrona national park which is just down the road from Taganga.

We set off at around 11ish and got the collectivo back into Santa Marta to pick up the bus into the park. Didn´t realise quite how far the bus stop was from where the collectivo drops you off so we ended up walking half way across town...

Once we reached the park we payed our entrance fee and got picked up by a landrover and taken into the park proper. It was then a 45 minute walk to the first place where you can stay. At this point we foolishly decided to walk another hour or so to a place called Cabal which is the popular place to stay - only to find that it was fully booked so we had to come all the way back!

By this point the sky was starting to turn a slightly ominous colour and the thunder and lightning was definitely getting a bit too close for comfort.

So it was into the hammocks nice and early to avoid the rain and bugs.

The next we walked to Cabal again in the hope that there would be room at the inn, but were once again denied. We had already planned to walk to a place called Pueblocito (which is a smaller cousin of Ciudad Perdida) so we set off along the trail - this trail turned out to be a solid hour of walking uphill, but we eventually reached the ruins which were quite impressive.

Thankfully it was downhill all the way back to the beach for a nice swim and then a quick walk back to the original campsite for some sleep! Lots of bugs in the night. Feels like I have been eaten alive.

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